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McAfee SECURE sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams
Scope Mounts

Lone Wolf "Slide Melt" Red Dot Sight Installation
Pick your custom red dot sight installation.
| Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Distributors
Product Options
Slide Type
Mounting Position
What optic?

starting at: $124.95
Ordering is simple:

Choose type of slide:
  • Glock OEM- this is your factory slide
  • LWD Stainless Steel- this is our aftermarket stainless steel slide
Choose where you want it installed:
  • Race Mount- mills the slide including removing rear dovetail to allow a smoother installation and elimination of iron sights.
  • Race Mount w/ Front Dovetail- same as Race Mount but cuts a dovetail in front of RDS for a "combat cut" with forward rear sight.
  • Combat Mount - Allows use of backup iron sights by moving sight forward.
  • Picatinny Mount- mills a picatinny rail on rear of slide for using any picatinny mounted sight. (If using a C-More sight please note in the order comments, they require a different mount)

Choose what optic you are going to use.

  • We make a perfect cut to your specific optic so we need to have the optic in hand for machining.

Machining for an optic on a Glock OEM slide results in exposed metal that is prone to rust. We offer a discounted rate for Cerakote when bundled with machining. You can also refinish it in Black Oxide or TiN which can be found on the refinishing page.

Lone Wolf brings uniformity to our slide melt services!

Optics manufacturers have never settled on a standard for mounting screws. This becomes an issue when you do as many optics mounts as we do. If an optic is short a screw or one gets misplaced there’s always a delay waiting on the manufacturer to get more screws. We’ve solved this issue by standardizing all optic mounts with a 6-48 screw. They work on all optics we offer and every optic that we’ve had come through our machine shop.

Replacement packages of 2 screws are available HERE for purchase if for some reason you find yourself missing one. 

Notes on specific optics:

Burris FastFire III
The FF3 uses a light sensor in the front of the optic, when melted the auto sensitivity mode may not work well and if using a front dovetail mount the sensor will be blocked completely.

Vortex Venom
The Venom uses the same footprint as the Burris FF3 so it works in all the same applications.

Burris FastFire II or Leupold Deltapoint
Price now includes drilling the rear sights on the combat cut version to allow adjustment of the red dot sight.(when ordered at the same time)
Buy suppressor sights here: TRITIUM SET, PLAIN FRONT, PLAIN REAR

C-More Micro Red Dot
Most C-More sights can only be done as a race mount on 10mm or 45ACP slides. 9/40/357 slides are too narrow for most C-More's.

Vortex Razor
The Razor is too large to fit on 9/40/357 slides. 10/45 slides are wide enough to accept the Razor.

Notes on specific iron sights:

XS Suppressor Sights
We cannot drill adjustment screw holes in XS suppressor sights. This affects Burris FF2, Leupold Deltapoints, and any other optics that have screws in the rear body.

Important Disclaimers:
  • No returns or refunds are issued on custom services.
  • Price does not include the optic.
  • We only offer this service on Glock pistols, we do not currently have fixtures available for other pistols.
  • We cannot perform picatinny mounts on OEM Glock 41/17L/34's due to a large cavity in the rear of the slide.
  • We can do a slide melt on an OEM 41/17L/34 for an additional $40 due to having to fill the large cavity before machining.
  • We do not offer this service on Glock 42 or 43, as the slide is too narrow.
  • General turnaround time is 3-4 weeks for slide melts (picatinny mount +3 weeks)
  • Some Glock OEM slides are coming to us with dovetails too far forward to do a combat cut with larger optics. There is variance to where the dovetail on some Glocks. When we encounter this we'll contact you to see how you'd like to proceed.

Lone Wolf recommends these Red Dot Sights and Lone Wolf Stainless Steel Slides

Looking for a more affordable alternative?
    Choose our "Drill & Tap" method.

Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Distributors
Shipping Weight: 0 lbs

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