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Custom Barrel Porting 4 PORT EXTERNAL
Custom 4 port external barrel porting.
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This product requires your acknowledgments.

Lone Wolf Distributors is able to perform factory style porting on any Glock OEM slide or barrel. However, it is not recommended. The customer assumes and accepts all risk involved in this process at the time of order. EDM porting of OEM parts involves the possibility of an electrode contacting a carbon deposit below the metal surface, which interrupts the flow of electricity, causing molten metal to “blow out” around the carbon deposit, ruining the part. This defect has affected up to 10% of all OEM parts, LWD will offer a similar part if available at a fair price. Glock OEM parts will not be replaced.

Custom Services require additional time for work to be completed before the associated item will ship.
Custom Services must be applied to either customer supplied parts or parts purchased from the store alongside the Custom Service in question.
Custom Service
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Lone Wolf Distributors porting delivers optimum performance in muzzle control. This 4 port system positively improves your ability to keep on target during rapid fire by redirecting the gases upward, thereby forcing the muzzle down, keeping you "on target".

Custom 4 port external (outside the length of the slide) barrel porting. Two smaller ports and then two larger ports towards the end of the barrel. Ports are EDM cut for precision and a nice, clean look.

  • Available for all LWD stainless steel 17, 22, 31,20, & 21 6" barrels (LWD*MUST have 6" barrels to have enough room for the ports
  • There must be 1 5/8" length between the end of the slide and the crown of the barrel in order to fit 4 ports
  • Porting can take up to 3 weeks
  • If porting a coated barrel (black oxide barrel, cerakote, or PVD), it will require refinishing (see refinishing options here)
  • Not available for .460 Rowland

  • If you plan on ordering a barrel and having it ported, please add this part number along with your items
  • If you plan on sending in your own barrel for porting, please call 208-448-0600 and have a representative process your order
  • Any custom porting requests that are outside of the stock port services we offer, will double in price and must be approved prior to custom work being done

An unacceptable percentage of factory slides & barrels have been noted to contain bits of carbon. During the porting process, an electrode could come into contact with this carbon and blow out the port. LWD stainless steel barrels or slides are not subject to carbon blow outs.