Warren Tactical Night Sight (3 lamp system)

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Description: Warren Tactical Night Sight- Set (3 lamp system)
Manufacturer: Warren Tactical

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WAR-WTL-21 - Warren Tactical 2 lamp rear (.150 wide notch) with tritium front (.125 WIDE x .215 HIGH)


The Warren Tactical sights incorporate the patented wave design.  This radiused design directs the shooter's eye to the front sight and the target/threat.  All nonessential sharp corners and edges have been rounded so not to distract the shooter's eyes.  Even the corners of the notch have been radiused.  The "Warren Notch" is not a "U" notch, just the corners have been radiused and the bottom of the notch is still flat.

The wave design allows for faster target transitions.  It also helps the shooter to see more of the target/threat.  For law enforcement and defensive shooting, you can see more of the threat areas, hands and bulges.

The Warren Tactical rear sight with the wide notch at .150, there is ample amount of light on both sides of the the front sight.  All these features combine to give the defensive shooter, law enforcement professionals, and the competitive shooter an advantage for fast sight acquisition, target/threat identification, engagement and rapid follow up shots.


Our rear sights are void of distracting serrations, under cuts, painted lines and odd angles that distract the shooter's eye from the front sight.

All Warren and Sevigny rear sights are based on the principle that cluttered, busy rear blades are distracting.

The rear surface on the Warren and Sevigny sights are angled slightly back towards the shooter to eliminate glare.  Also, the front of the rear sights have a large radiused cut that allows for one handed slide cycle drills. 


The wide notch at .150, allows for an ample amount of light on both sides of the front sight. This helps the shooter to see the front sight on the exact spot (focal point) where they want the shot to be placed.  With plenty of light around our carry and tritium front sights (at .115 wide), the shooter can easily read when the front sight is on the target, hard cover or non-threat.

Sights that have too narrow of a notch with a wide front sight makes it almost impossible to discriminate between the front sight and where it is on the target.

The wide notch also enhances the shooter's ability to call the shot.  Calling the Shot - After the shot is taken, with the ability to easily see the front sight, the shooter can watch the front sight lift off the target during the recoil phase of the shot nad then follow it back down and quickly align it with the rear notch during the recovery phase of the shot.

All of this features combine to give the defensive shooter, the competitive shooter, and the law enforcement professionals an advantage for fast acquisition, target discrimination, shot placement and fast follow up shots.


Scott and Dave readily agreed with the dimensions for the front sights.  

All Plain Carry and Tritium front sights are .125 wide, serrated with 90 LPI. The Tritium front sights have a green lamp enhanced by a white ring.

All Plain Competition and Fiber Optic Front Sights are .115 wide and serrated with 90 LPI. The Fiber Optic Fronts are also serrated and use a .040 diameter rod. Red and Green are supplied.

For most Glocks, our standard front sight height at .215 works great. For the long slide Glocks, (i.e., 20, 21, 34, and 35), the tall fronts work great.


We only use Trijicon lamps with our sights.  The front sight has a large green lamp with a white ring around it. This helps the shooter to quickly find the front sight in all lighting conditions.  The rear sights use a slightly smaller yellow/amber lamp with no painted outlines.  This is done for several reasons.  With two different colored lamps and different diameters, the shooter always knows that the large green lamp is the front sight and the smaller yellow/amber lamps are the rear sight.  Also, when shooting in well lit conditions, the smaller lamps, with no painted outlines, of the rear sight are not distracting.


US Made, lifetime warranty on all metal parts, Trijicon lamps and heat treated.  

Used by many of the USPSA Production, IDPA Stock Service Pistol and Glock Speed Shoot Champions, such as Dave Sevigny, Randi Rogers and Bob Vogel.

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