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LWD C Porting- Barrel Only
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The Lone Wolf Distributors "C port" is the same porting currently available on all Glock factory "C" style pistols. This system is known to enhance your ability to stay on target during rapid fire and minimize front sight blacking issues when compared to other porting styles.

Do you prefer additional performance? Turn your C pistol into a 4 port competition gun. Use
 the LWD extended 2 port barrel combined with the "C port" system. Independent tests have shown up to a 3% to 8% reduction in velocity depending on ammunition. Use of high performance ammunition is recommended.

  • Available for all Glock models
  • Porting can take up to 3 weeks.
  • This item is for porting a barrel only, if you'd like to port a slide also click here.
  • We only offer this service on Glock pistols
  • We cannot C-Port our 9" barrels.
  • If porting a black oxide barrel we must do the porting first, so order a silver barrel and black oxide instead of ordering an already blacked barrel

  • If you plan on ordering a barrel and having it ported please add this part number along with your items.
  • If you plan on sending in your own barrel for porting please call 208-448-0600 and have a representative process your order.
  • If you are wanting a barrel ported to match your existing ported slide you must send in the slide for proper port matching.
  • If you are wanting a slide ported to match your existing ported barrel you must send in the barrel for proper port matching. 

We do not accept Glock OEM, AlphaWolf, or non-LWD slides or barrels for porting:

An unacceptable percentage of factory slides & barrels have been noted to contain bits of carbon. During the porting process, an electrode could come into contact with this carbon and blow out the port. LWD Stainless steel barrels or slides are not subject to carbon blow outs.

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