Lone Wolf Firing Pin SafetyM/21,21SF & 45GAP Models 37,38,39 w/ LWD-91 Spring

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Description: Lone Wolf Firing Pin Safety for M/21,21SF & 45GAP Models 37,38,39 with LWD-91 spring
Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Arms

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$ 6.49


  • Why pay more? The weight benefits of titanium with the strength of steel
  • 25% lighter than Glock OEM part for easier trigger take up
  • Fits all Glock 45 ACP and 45 GAP pistols models G21,30,36,37,38,39
  • Part number 14 on the Glock Schematic.

Fits both Glock firing pin safety part number:
  •  GLO-4536  G21,30,36,37,38,39
  •  GLO-84  G17,17L,19,20,22,23,24,26,27,29,31,32,33,34,35