Lone Wolf Titanium Firing Pin (9/40/357/45GAP) Complete w/ Mid-Weight Spring

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Description: Built titanium striker unit for 9/40/357 with mid-weight striker spring.
Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Arms

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Lone Wolf Distributors is now offering Titanium firing pins! 

This is a drop-in upgrade that is intended to enhance drop safety and reduce lock time by reducing the overall weight of the firing pin by 61%. Lock time is the amount of time between the striker being released and the ignition of the cartridge. A faster lock time, even fractions of a second, can be the difference between an accurate shot and a miss since there is less time to disturb your sight alignment. Tests show that our Titanium firing pin reduces lock time by 33%!  

All the parts used to build a complete titanium striker assembly: 

*This kit does not come assembled
Product features:
  • 61% lighter than a factory Glock striker and 54% lighter than even our lightweight steel strikers LWD-49LW
  • Improves lock time by 33%
  • Made to increase reliability by decreasing the weight and striking the primer faster
  • Made from ultra light-weight Titanium
  • TiN PVD coated
  • Does not fit models 42,43, or Gen5's

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    Lone Wolf Firing Pin Safety for 9/40/357/10 with LWD-91 spring
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