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LWD Extended Slide Stop M/36

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SKU: LWD-7496-36
Description: Lone Wolf Dist's extended slide stop for Glock 36 pistols.
Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Arms

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$ 19.95

You are purchasing a LWD-7496-36. This part has been modified to fit the G36 ONLY.
Lone Wolf Distributors offers a superior Extended Slide Stop, part number LWD-7496-36. Shooters will be quick to notice the LWD-7496-36 offers all the same basic benefits and construction of the Glock factory part however, fit and finish are simply outstanding!  
Installing this part instantly converts your Glock pistol from a slide stop to a "slide release". Hit the lever and you will notice faster reloads and smoother mag changes. Perfect for recreational shooters, self defense and the serious competitor. When you have a need for speed the LWD-7496 delivers!
Installs the same as any other slide stop.