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LWD Refinish - Flash Nitride™

Description: Use this item to select Flash Nitride™ refinishing for your slide, barrel, compensator, or slide adapter.
Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Arms

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$ 19.95
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$ 19.95


The Flash Nitride™ process represents the most advanced refinement and enhancement of traditional Salt Bath Ferritic Nitrocarburization. Flash Nitride™ conforms to Aerospace Materials Specification 2753C.

Flash Nitride™ is a thermochemical diffusion process whereby nitrogen and carbon are diffused into the surface of the steel, resulting in a harder more durable surface.  This process is carried out at subcritical temperatures, which eliminates any risk of distortion or loss of core hardness. Additionally, every part is quenched in an oxidizing salt bath proprietary to which creates uniform Fe304 oxide layer that is both resistant to corrosion and visually appealing.

The compound zone surface of Flash Nitride™ will have a hardness of 55-70+RC. Depending on the substrate material the compound zone depth will be .00015"-.0002" with an effective case depth of .0002"-.0005".

Specific attributes enhanced by Flash Nitride™ processing include:
  • Very high corrosion resistance
    • 96-hour minimum salt fog test per ASTM B117
    • Most materials will exceed 200-hour minimum
  • Lowered coefficient of friction
  • Increased lubricity
  • Aesthetically pleasing black finish
  • Greater durability and abrasive resistance
  • No distortion, dimensional change or affect to the core hardness
How to order:
  • If ordering new parts simply add the parts and the flash nitride selection to your cart. If ordering multiple parts but only want certain ones coated please specify in the order comments box.
  • If sending in your own parts for coating please complete the checkout process and in the order comment box mention that you will be sending in parts and say what parts are being sent. Then print a copy of your invoice and include it in the box you send to us with your parts. 

Please Note:
  • Lead times can be found here.
  • We currently only offer this service on Glock OEM, Lone Wolf Distributors and AlphaWolf steel parts.
  • Flash Nitride™ is not suitable for aluminum parts due to the processing temperature being above the aluminum melting point.
  • Flash Nitride is not available on Tungsten parts.
  • If sending in your own slide, please disassemble it completely (including the channel liner) before sending it in. After removing the channel liner you'll need to replace it with a new one, which can be purchased here.
  • Sights must be removed prior to refinishing. Some types of sights must be destroyed to be removed. Customers must be aware of this fact prior to sending in items to be refinished. We can install new sights, if purchased at the same time.
  • If ordering Flash Nitride™ with other items, the whole order will be held back and be shipped when Flash Nitride™ is finished. If you need the other items before Flash Nitride™ is completed, please order them on a separate order.
  • For parts not shown in drop down menu, please email [email protected] for a price quote.
  • No returns or refunds are issued on custom services.


Your Flash Nitride™ finish receives a coat of custom oil as a protective sealant. Application of harsh chemicals and/or cleaning solvents will remove this oil coating and break down the protective sealant causing the finish to dull. To help maintain the black coloration of the oxidization layer, simply wipe the surface down using a soft cloth and reapply a thin coat of oil. Although you may eventually see wear on the black oxidization layer, the Flash Nitride™ treatment is a penetrating treatment and is still in tact.