LWD Frame Completion Kits for Glock

Description: Complete Frame kits for Gen3 and Gen4 Glock frames.
Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Arms

Retail Price
$ 74.95
Starting At
$ 74.95


Everything you need to complete your Gen3, Gen4, compact, subcompact, or fullsize Glock OEM frame including an extra ejector to make this 9mm, 40S&W, and .357 SIG compatible!

Kits Include:
  • LWD Universal Frame Kit
  • Mag Catch
  • LWD Slide Lock Spring
  • LWD Locking Block

Kits Include:
LWD Glock Gen3 Compact Frame Kit - LWD-FrameKit-GLO-C-G3
LWD Glock Gen4 Compact Frame Kit - LWD-FrameKit-GLO-C-G4
LWD Glock Gen3 Fullsize Frame Kit - LWD-FrameKit-GLO-F-G3
LWD Glock Gen4 Fullsize Frame Kit - LWD-FrameKit-GLO-F-G4
LWD Glock Gen3 SubCompact Frame Kit - LWD-FrameKit-GLO-SC-G3

LWD Glock Gen3 Large Frame Kit - LWD-FrameKit-GLO-LG-w/4417

LWD Glock Gen4 Large Frame Kit -LWD-FrameKit-TWL-w/4417