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Lone Wolf Gen4 Guide Rod Adapter

SKU: LWD-GR4Adapter
Description: Use a Gen3 guide rod in your Gen4 pistol!
Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Arms

Retail Price
$ 10.95
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$ 10.95

Adaptor Color:

Easily adapt a single stage Lone Wolf Stainless Steel, Titanium, or Tungsten Gen3 guide rod for use in your Gen4. Get rid of problematic Gen4 guide rods with a tried and true Lone Wolf Gen3 guide rod. 

Purchase stainless steel guide rod HERE and add this adapter.
Purchase tungsten guide rod HERE and add this adapter.

PLEASE NOTE, Only LWD Stainless Steel, Titanium, or Tungsten Guide Rods will work with this adapter.

Screw must be taken off, adapter placed on rod, and then screw put back on for adapter to work properly. The adapter becomes integral with the guide rod assembly.

If you are installing on an existing guide rod assembly you may leave the washer in place and install the adapter over the top of it.

The proper sequence of parts should be: Guide rod, spring, existing washer, guide rod adapter (flat side facing spring), screw tip.

*Gen4 20/21's use the same adapter.