Lone Wolf Stainless Steel Guide Rod

SKU: LWD-GRStainless
Description: Use this item to pick the correct stainless steel guide rod.
Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Arms

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$ 20.95
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$ 20.95

Glock Model:

You are purchasing the guide rod only for Gen 1-3 Glocks. The recoil spring must be purchased separately. The LWD S/S guide rod can be used with an LWD guide rod spring, the original factory recoil spring, or ISMI "flat wound" recoil spring. If you intend to use a Wolff "round wound" recoil spring, you must install a special washer  (please request in the note section) behind the screw tip.  

Factory recoil spring weights:

  • 17 lbs on all G17,17L,22,24,31,34,35,37
  • 18 lbs on all G19,23,32,38
  • 17 lbs on all G20,21,21SF

Lone Wolf stainless steel guide rods provide a decisive advantage for all Glock owners. Special features include a rigid stainless steel body that improves lock up by completely removing "guide rod flex". The hex screw removable tip allows the user to choose various spring weights that will calibrate the ammunition to his gun. Used by Law Enforcement and competitive shooters world wide, will not chip or crack like the factory plastic guide rods are prone to. Will not damage or wear your polymer frame, and guaranteed to provide a lifetime of reliable service.

*Lone Wolf recommends the use of Blue Loctite on the hex screw threads & the rear cap to shaft threads. This will provide a firm hold and still allow easy removal when necessary. Allen wrench provided.

*If ordering LWD-GR2021, please request a polymer washer for use with long slide conversions. For standard length slides, the adaptor is not required.