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Arredondo Checkered Mag Extensions

SKU: ARR-MagExtension
Description: Use this item to pick the proper Arredondo checkered mag extension.
Manufacturer: Arredondo Manufacturing

Retail Price
$ 34.95
Starting At
$ 34.95

Glock Model:

Arredondo checkered Glock magazine extension fits Pre Ban Hi-Capacity FML (Full Metal Lined) and NFML (Non Full Metal Lined) magazines.  These mag extensions are virtually unbreakable and extremely secure and are easily installed or removed with the supplied "U" tool. 

This is a complete kit which includes: 
  • Extra power spring
  • Take down tool
  • Extension sleeve
  • Base pad

Adds the following round count:

  • +6 for Glock 9mm
  • +5 for Glock 40 S&W
  • +5 for Glock 357 Sig
  • +5 for Glock 10 mm (ARR-C45 only available in black for 10mm/45acp mags)
  • +4 for Glock 45 ACP (ARR-C45 only available in black for 10mm/45acp mags)
  • +3 for Glock 38 45 GAP

USPSA Limited Class Legal! Extends magazines to 140mm.