Lone Wolf Custom Flush Cut & Crown

SKU: LWD-FlushCut
Description: Price includes cutting a pistol barrel flush to a slide and your choice of standard or target crown.
Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Arms

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$ 29.99

Slide Length to flush:
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Lone Wolf is proud to offer custom flush cut barrels with multiple crown options, exclusively for our Lone Wolf and AlphaWolf barrels. This unique barrel option removes the excess length that protrudes from the slide, giving your custom pistol a sleek and compact look, while also serving to protect the rifling and barrel crown from damage. 

Choose from our wide array of crown choices for the look that suits your build. Yes, it's functional, but more importantly it looks unbelievably cool, and will make all your range buddies jealous of your sweet custom rig!

Price includes custom machine service only! Barrel is NOT included.

***LWD & AlphaWolf barrels ONLY***
  • Our Browning HP barrels are eligible for this service by calling 208.448.0600 and ordering.

After you have your chosen barrel in your cart, use the drop down menus above to select your desired slide length and crown type.

On 45ACP barrels, the only crowns that show well are Shallow and Deep Recessed Crowns. The others require more wall thickness.

Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

Glock slides are known to vary +/- .012", we will flush cut the barrel to our slides here but fitment may vary in your installed slide.

*AlphaWolf barrels need to be refinished (if desired) as finish will no longer be visible on crown after machining is performed.  
Select refinishing options here.