Drill and Tap Slide for red dot sight installation

SKU: LWD-DrillTap
Description: Drill and tap slide for red dot sight installation.
Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Arms

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$ 39.95
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$ 39.95

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Looking for an economical and sturdy way to mount a red dot sight to your pistol?

Our "Drill & Tap" method might be the answer for you!

This method allows the red dot sight to be screwed directly to the top of the slide. Sight will sit higher then our custom "sight melt" packages. It allows you to revert to standard iron sights later if you choose to.


If you'd like to do a drill and tap along with any of our slide machining patterns please call to discuss your options. 

DRILL & TAP mounting only available on AlphaWolf or Glock OEM slides. We cannot do cuts to Glock OEM slides with the MOS optic cuts.

No returns or refunds are issued on custom services.