AmeriGlo Fiber Optic Competiton Target Set

Sold Out - Returning Soon (Expected:9/26/2022)
Description: Fits Glock 20,21,29,30,31,32,36,40,41 Green Fiber .115" W Front, .150 Black Rear
Manufacturer: AmeriGlo

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$ 37.50

The AmeriGlo Fiber Optic Competition Target Set has been developed to be a great choice for virtually any shooter. Guaranteed to provide you with years of trustworthy service. 

  • Sight set with green fiber optic front .115" W
  • Flat black rear w/notch .150"
  • Fiber optic elements concentrate ambient light, ideal for bright environments
  • Fits Glock 20,21,29,30,31,32,36,40,41