AlphaWolf Compensator 10mm 9/16x24 - AW or Glock OEM Bullnosed - Black - 10mm

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Description: LWD's premium line, the Alpha Wolf, bullnosed compensator fits AlphaWolf or Glock OEM flat faced slides for 10mm
Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Arms

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$ 49.99

The Alpha Wolf compensator offers a unique advantage to the discriminating competitive shooter. The redirection of gas vertically provides a genuine reduction in muzzle rise. The result allows the shooters sights to remain on target or realigned quickly providing faster accurate follow up shots.

Want your compensator custom engraved? Check out our custom engraving options here.
Popular choices are "Smile, Wait for Flash" and "Warning, Lead Poisoning" around the muzzle.

*Lone Wolf Distributors provides a quality engineered light weight system that delivers maximum performance at 1/2 the cost of similar compensators.

10mm Information

  • Fits standard LWD 10mm threaded barrels 9/16 x 24 models LWD-20, LWD-20T and LWD-20L.
  • This comp is designed to fit the G20 slide profile and delivers premium performance when compared to our standard 40 S&W comp.
  • Steel construction with a dark charcoal parkerized finish that's superior to black oxide.
  • Light loads may not reliably.