LWD Frame Kits for Timberwolf
Complete Frame kits for Timberwolf frames.

Starting At
$ 72.55


Everything you need to complete your V1 Timberwolf Compact, Fullsize, or new Large frame including LWD's NEW Universal Trigger Housing (LWD-UTH) with trigger stop! Also includes extra ejector to install into the LWD-UTH to make this 9mm, 40S&W, and .357 SIG compatible!

Kits Include:
  • LWD Universal Frame Kit
  • Mag Catch 
  • Note, if using a V1 Timberwolf frame you'll also need the LWD-287R magazine catch.
  • LWD Slide Lock Spring
  • LWD Locking Block

Kit Options:
Compact Timberwolf Frame Completion Kit - LWD-FrameKit-TW-C
Fullsize Timberwolf Frame Completion Kit - LWD-FrameKit-TW-F
Large Timberwolf Frame Completion Kit - LWD-FrameKit-TWL

Why is this kit the absolute BEST?

Not only has Lone Wolf Distributors created a kit that is truly UNIVERSAL, but it includes the industry's first truly Universal Trigger Housing (LWD-UTH)!  The LWD-UTH gives you a competitive edge by completely eliminating Glock trigger over travel. Trigger over travel is defined by: "The amount of rearward movement after the firing pin has been released". The results of eliminating trigger over travel (wasted movement) are; smoother trigger reset, faster doubles, faster splits and overall premium trigger performance.

The LWD-UTH includes a new style trigger housing with ejector, polished trigger stop, set screw for over-travel adjustment, and allen wrench. This drop in part replaces your current trigger housing. The easy to follow instructions allow you to completely remove your trigger "over travel" in seconds. No gunsmithing is required. The LWD-UTH allows you to "turn it on or turn it off" at will.

Product Features:
  • Works in Timberwolf frames
  • Includes a set screw and wrench for over-travel adjustment
  • Drop-in install in seconds
  • Available for all uses, but highly recommended for plinking, target or competition use
  • For compact and fullsize kits install the appropriate bare ejector for 9mm or 40S&W (large kits come with the proper ejector installed)
    • LWD-30274 Gen4 bare ejector fits 9mm pistols 17, 19, 26, 34 Gen3 and Gen4 (ejector is curved inward) 
    • LWD-1882 40S&W bare ejector fits 40S&W and .357 SIG pistols 22, 23, 27, 31, 32, 33, 35 and 24 Gen3 and Gen4 (ejector is straight)

Want to know what the experts use to get the best triggers?
  1. LWD-UTH Universal Trigger Housing
  2. LWD-UAT Ultimate Adjustable Trigger
  3. LWD-721  Long Minus Connector
  4. LWD-63-3 4 lb Firing Pin Spring

Lone Wolf Distributors makes your stock Glock Rock!

For installation instructions click here. UTH Instructions