Signature Series #22 Windows w/Wave Serrations

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Description: Machine an AlphaWolf blank slide for killer looks and lightweight performance.
Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Arms

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$ 174.95

Our Signature Series slides are our finest, most interesting, and radical creations.

Each individual Signature Series was hand picked to showcase our innovation in machining.


Signature Series 22 was inspired by the Browning Hi-Power, with cuts that run from the nose of the slide to just forward of the ejection port. The nose of the slide has also been tastefully tapered, giving the slide the perfect balance of classic and modern looks. Then we took it a step further and added perfectly placed slide cuts, which not only reduce weight, but make an ideal window to showcase one of our custom coated barrels! 

  • Pattern #22-1 can only be performed on AlphaWolf blank slides (purchase here)
  • Current turnaround time can be seen here.
  • Pattern will look slightly different on different length slides
  • SLIDE NOT INCLUDED, $174.95 includes machine work only
  • RMR optic cut not included, but if RMR cut is added you can purchase a RMR cover plate w/ screws here.
  • After machining, the slide has little to no room for custom engraving