Sprinco Recoil Reducer M/34,35 (GEN4)

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SKU: SPR-16455
Description: Glock 34/35 Gen4 sprinco recoil reducing guide rod.
Manufacturer: Sprinco

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FITS GEN4 G34/35

Sprinco Recoil Reducers make a significant difference in recoil by decelerating the rearward slide speed with the secondary spring just prior to frame impact. The graduated sub-spring is engineered and critically positioned in each model to ensure normal cycling and reliability. This is an effective no frills, no gimmick approach to recoil reduction. Installation is as easy as installing your stock guide rod system. No modification is necessary to enjoy significant reductions in muzzle flip, perceived (felt) recoil, and physical measured recoil! The system improves your shooting with faster follow up shots and control of your rapid fire shot strings. Benefits include:

Reduces Muzzle Flip
Protects Your Firearm
Faster Sight Acquisition
Heat Treated Stainless Steel
Reduce Felt & Physical Recoil
Drop in System - No Modification