Glock Sight Block 40

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Description: Convert your Glock 22 to an extended-barrel racegun with our Glock sight block.
Manufacturer: Taylor Freelance

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$ 49.95

Designed to run with the Lone Wolf threaded barrel for the Glock 35, the sight block instantly gives your standard Glock 22, the sight radius of the famed 6" Glock 24!

This is NOT a recoil compensator. Although the slide assembly is as long as a 6" Glock 24; it weighs considerably less, approximating the 5" Glock 35. That gives you the faster "feel" of the G35, but with a low-motion front sight unlike any other Glock.

Your front sight mounts directly to the barrel instead of the slide, so it moves only a fraction of an inch in recoil. That makes the front sight easier to track, and since the front sight isn't slapping all the way back and forth, the sights experience less pounding, leading to longer fiber-optic life.

You'll want some thread-locking compound for the front sight screw (don't use crimped sights, they will damage the aluminum sight block). You'll want a little more for the set screw, and a little for the barrel threads themselves. We suggest the "adjustable" sort, since you will want to take the sight block off eventually to service the front sight. Short of that, we suggest leaving the sight block on semi-permanently.

Fits only barrels in .40S&W barrels threaded 9/16"x24 intended for the G35. You use it on your standard G22 slide.