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Timberwolf Large

The Timberwolf large frame incorporates features
EVERYONE desires!

Here are the reasons why you need the Timberwolf large frame...

Let's just cut to the chase shall we?  Ladies can all agree that size DOES matter!  This frame is perfect for women!  The ergonomics of the Timberwolf large frame is easier to grip, even though it is bigger in size! 

Beginner Shooters
Why buy a gun that is a one size fits all when you can buy the Timberwolf large frame? The customization possibilities are endless! We have meticulously thought out every single detail in terms of making a gun "all your own".  Make your first gun the right gun!

Concealed Carry
Want more fighting power, but don't want to put on a show for the world to see?  Lone Wolf Distributors has got you covered!  The Timberwolf large frame has a large bite, but conceals it in the grip.  With the versatile grip sizes, it is a win/win for the concealed carry user.

Competition Shooters
What does "bore axis" mean? Bore axis refers to the relationship between the barrel of the handgun and shooters hand.  High bore axis means that the barrel is positioned well above the top of the hand and low bore axis means that it is closer. With the ergonomics of the Timberwolf large frame, the lower bore axis results in less muzzle rise and recoil for quicker and more reliable acquisition, making it the perfect choice for competition shooters.

Law Enforcement
Officers come in all shapes and sizes.  Some have big hands, some have small.  Why not use a gun with features made for everyone?  The slim grip is perfect for the women and men with smaller hands.  For the bigger guys, we offer a swelled backstrap that will fit in your hand perfectly.  The Timberwolf large frame is not a one size fits all pistol frame.

Looking for a reliable and concealable gun you can take into the back country?  The Timberwolf large frame is perfect for the explorer by supplying the most firepower with less weight and bulk.  Choose which grip size is perfect for your next hunt!

Product Features:
  • Accepts Gen3 and Gen4 10mm/45ACP slides
  • Fits 20/21 or 40/41 slides
  • 4 grip options: 
    • Full size textured
    • Full size smooth
    • Compact textured
    • Compact smooth
  • Ambidextrous Gen 4 mag release
  • Slimmest grip in the industry
  • No finger grooves
    • Slip-on rubber grips available

Additional information coming soon!

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