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Trigger Bar Promo

Get a Lone Wolf trigger bar for free when you purchase an Ultimate Adjustable Trigger shoe! 

So you’ve decided to upgrade your trigger, and the UAT shoe is the perfect place to start. Next you’ll probably buy one of our Ultimate Connector Kits, and you’ll think you’re done.

Because you bought a UAT shoe, we're offering the enhanced LWD trigger bar for free with it. Why does this matter? Well, the truth is that the trigger bar is the most neglected part of any trigger job, people figure that a new shoe, a connector, and a spring are all they need, and that the OEM bar is “good enough.”

That’s the problem, it’s only “good enough.” The LWD bar on the other hand is awesome. It’s made of stainless steel, which means that it doesn’t need to be coated like the OEM part. You see, the coating on the OEM parts can wear, which increases friction and can lead to corrosion.

Our part? Never going to happen. The stainless steel is corrosion resistant and so smooth it doesn’t even need to be polished.  Plus, it has a reduced bump on the raised vertical edge, which affects the take up of the trigger, and most importantly the reliability. The OEM raised vertical edge bump creates friction during the trigger press. Our reduced safety bump keeps the factory safeties active, while increasing the overall smoothness of your trigger pull.

Get the shoe, and enjoy the enhanced LWD stainless bar on us!

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Trigger Bar


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