UM Tactical Holsters

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Manufacturer: UM Tactical, Inc.

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Get maximum concealment with the UM Tactical Trigger Guard holster! When concealment is your number 1 priority, such as carrying in a non-permissive environment, the UM Tactical holster is the ideal choice. The holster simply covers the trigger guard of the pistol, preventing negligent or accidental discharges. The attached lanyard is then secured to your belt, allowing the butt of the pistol to be positioned below the belt line for maximum concealement. The UM Tactical holster is also useful as an external safety device for stored pistols or pistols carried in a bag, as it prevents access to the trigger!

The UMT-GLK's high quality construction is made with Boltaran thermoplastic for a guaranteed fit and function you will love. Handmade right here in the United States. 

Choose the holster that's right for you:
UMT-GLK - Fits G17-41
UMT-GLK42/43 - Fits G42 & G43