Lone Wolf Extractor LCI .40S&W / .357SIG

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SKU: LWD-1899
Description: Lone Wolf Dist. .40S&W / .357SIG LCI Extractor
Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Arms

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Lone Wolf Distributors is proud to announce our own .40S&W / .357SIG Loaded Chamber Indicator Extractor. We built it to exceed the Glock factory part in fit, finish and safety (compared to non-LCI extractors). With this new style Loaded Chamber Indicator you can quickly verify whether your pistol is loaded or not at a glance.  

The factory Glock part is very hard to identify as a .40S&W / .357SIG part unless you can measure it against a spec sheet. The improved LWD part has an easy to verify "4" stamped into it so you always know which extractor is for your .40/.357

Lone Wolf extractors are investment cast from A1 tool steel.

Must use new style spring loaded bearing with this extractor. GLO-3439. Part number 3 on the Glock Schematic.