LWD Flash Hider 40-9 Conversion

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Description: Flash Hider fits 40-9 conversion barrels threaded 1/2 x 28.
Manufacturer: Lone Wolf Arms

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$ 20.95

Item LWD-FH409 fits all Lone Wolf 40-9mm conversion threaded barrels 1/2 x 28. 
Lone Wolf Distributors precision CNC machined flash hiders are similar to the AR-15 & M-16 A2 series flash hiders whose proprietary design is world famous! Weighing in at 1.2 ounce this long sought Glock accessory installs quickly and easily. No tools required. 
  • Virtually eliminates muzzle flash and helps preserve night vision while firing. 
  • Disperses muzzle flash preventing detection from most every position.  
  • Fit will vary on AR type applications.
  • Will not fit standard Lone Wolf 9mm threaded barrels.
  • Black oxide finished.
  • Steel construction
  • Also fits .357SIG barrels
*Five different models available, see them here LWD-FH